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iSpring Cloud embed options

If you use iSpring Cloud to share iSpring content, you can easily embed it on any website or social network and make it play, either automatically or by clicking the play button.

Fit to window

This option will make your content fit to whether width or height of any placeholder on the webpage where you embed, e.g., to a div element.

Automatic playback of embedded content

  1. 1

    After you upload your presentation to iSpring Cloud, open it and click the Share button in the upper right hand corner.

    presentation preview and share button
  2. 2 The Sharing window will appear. Select Embed Code.
  3. 3 Check the box Play embedded content automatically.
  4. 4

    Click Copy and use the HTML embed code anywhere on the Web where you have access to edit HTML pages, e.g., in your Wordpress blog.

    Sharing window in iSpring Cloud, Play embedded content automatically option.

Insert to Wordpress

This is an example of how this embed code is inserted in a Wordpress blogpost. Please switch to the Text tab in the post editing window and paste the HTML code in the desired place. Then Preview and Update.

Wordpress editing window with iSpring Cloud embed code in it

After you open the page with the embedded presentation, it will start playback automatically.

If this option is switched off, a placeholder with the embedded content will show a play button over a gray screen. This is the default option. See the embed example (no autoplay):

Read the Jeopardy article in our blog to learn how to create it in PowerPoint and embed.

Playback on trusted domains

Publicly embedded presentation can be re-embedded on another website by an intruder just by copying and pasting the embed part of the HTML code. If you want to secure your content and let it play on your website only, use the Trusted Domains option.

  1. 1 After you uploaded your presentation to iSpring Cloud, open it and click the Share button in the upper right hand corner.
  2. 2

    At the bottom of the Sharing window, add the domain name of your website and any other trusted sites you’d like to add, separated with commas.

    Sharing window in iSpring Cloud, Trusted Domains.
  3. 3 Let’s say we want to embed this presentation on our blog /blog/. Add just the domain name part, which is ispringsolutions.com, and click Save.

That will do the trick; your content will only be played on your website. If someone tries to embed it on some other website, an intruder will see this error message:

Oops! This page cannot be found. Message for Cloud embed when not on trusted domain.

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