How to use iSpring Suite components separately


iSpring Suite comes as a set of tools for e-Learning authoring. If you need to create a standalone quiz or an interaction, you can launch iSpring QuizMaker or iSpring Visuals separately from the whole toolbox.

To launch QuizMaker or Visuals, do the following:

  • Click Start on the Windows taskbar (or press the Win button on your keyboard).
  • Type “quizmaker” or “visuals” in the search field and run the respective tool.

Another way is to open All Programs in the Windows Start menu and click on the folder named iSpring Suite 7.

What are the benefits of using those components separately and in what cases is it better to run these tools without iSpring Suite?

From the end user’s perspective, the difference will be just in the way a quiz appears. In a course published with iSpring Suite, the quiz will always be a part of a presentation placed on a separate slide:

The same quiz, published as a standalone activity, will not have an iSpring player (Universal):

Also, creating quizzes and interactions in a standalone mode gives more flexibility to the authoring step. If you are working on a complex curriculum that features many quizzes to be used in many different courses, it’s better to use QuizMaker as a standalone application. First, it won’t require launching PowerPoint, and you can work on several quizzes simultaneously. Plus, QuizMaker launched from the Start menu will give you more options to save and name a quiz.

By clicking on Save As, you can both choose a destination and give a name for the quiz you have created.

This way, you will be able to easily find a certain quiz on your computer and insert it into any iSpring course right away using the option Import Quiz from File.

In comparison, here’s how it goes when you launch QuizMaker from the iSpring Suite toolbar by clicking on the Quiz button. The quiz will be added to a PowerPoint slide. The quiz file will be automatically saved to a project folder and named sequentially, e.g. “quiz1,” “quiz2” etc.

The same applies to iSpring Visuals and interactions you create using this tool.

If you still have any questions, please ask them in our Community Forum.

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