How to rename controls in the Quiz Player in iSpring QuizMaker

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iSpring QuizMaker allows you to fine-tune even more elements than iSpring Suite. There are 3 different features that you can customize:

  • The text labels on controls
  • The field names that ask for personal information in a quiz taker form
  • The feedback messages that appear after a quiz taker answers a question

See instructions on how to fine-tune each of these elements below.

I. Customizing text labels

Changing the text labels on control buttons in iSpring QuizMaker is similar to the same process in iSpring Suite.

  1. 1

    Once you open QuizMaker, click on Player in the Quizmaker ribbon at the top

    The Customize Player window will open:

  2. 2 Click on the Text Labels button on the toolbar at the top. A list of text labels that can be fine-tuned will appear on the left side of the window. You now have the option to click on any one of them individually and change it.
  3. 3

    Type what you want the new label to say:

    For example, suppose you want to change the “Previous” button to the Spanish word “Anterior” and the “Next” button to the Spanish term “Siguiente.” Click on each of those terms in the Message column and type the new words:

    Notice that once you change a label, the Preset field changes to say Custom Preset. You can now save your custom preset:

  4. 4Click on the disk symbol to the right of the Preset field.
  5. 5

    Type a name into the Save As field that will open:

  6. 6

    To apply the new preset to another course, follow the same steps of clicking Publish → General → Customize → Text Labels. Then click the drop-down arrow in the Preset field and select the custom preset you saved.

II. Changing the field names in a quiz taker form

The quiz taker form is an optional intake form where you can ask quiz takers for their names, email addresses, and/or other information. Follow the following steps to customize the field names users will see:

  1. 1Click on the Properties icon on the QuizMaker ribbon. This will open the Quiz Properties window.
  2. 2

    Check the Ask for quiz taker information box and click customize:

  3. 3

    This will open the Customize Quiz Taker Form window. Here you can change the field names your quiz takers will see on the form. Simply click into the labels under Field Name and type the desired text:

    Then select OK to save your changes.

III. Customizing quiz question feedback messages

QuizMaker also enables you to fine-tune the text of the feedback messages that appear after a quiz taker answers a question. You can customize the feedback for an individual message or change the default feedback message for all questions.

How to customize the feedback message for an individual question:

First, create any question type. The examples below use a true/false question.

When the question is active, you will see a tab at the bottom of the screen called Feedback and Branching:

  1. 1

    Open the Feedback and Branching tab and select the By Question option in the Feedback field.

    Based on the question type, you will then have the option to enter feedback for each possible answer. The default setting for a true/false question, as shown, is two simple responses: “Correct” and “Incorrect”.

  2. 2

    To customize the feedback, click into the fields and type the text you want to display:

    The changes you make will be automatically applied to that question only.

How to customize the default feedback message for all questions:

To change the feedback message for every question, follow these steps instead:

  1. 1

    Click on Properties on the QuizMaker ribbon and switch to the Question Defaults tab:

  2. 2

    Type the feedback messages you want into the Feedback field and click the Apply to All button:

    You can now still change feedback messages for individual questions, while all others will use the new default feedback message you have created.

If you still have any questions, please ask them in our Community Forum.

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