How to publish courses in iSpring Suite 9


iSpring Suite 9 simplifies the publishing process and relocates some of the settings right to the PowerPoint ribbon. Now, you can customize the player and configure playback and navigation settings in just a couple of clicks. There are two players to choose from: Universal and Video Lecture. If you’d rather not use a player, you can switch off all the features of the Universal player.

How to set up the course player and navigation

  1. On the iSpring Suite tab and click Player.

  2. In the Customize Player window, click Select Player. Then, select the player for your course. By default, the Universal player is selected.

  3. On the Customize Player ribbon, click Playback and Navigation to set up course navigation.

  4. Click Apply & Close to save the changes and close the Customize Player window.

  5. On the iSpring Suite 9 ribbon, click Publish to publish the course.

    You can also access the Customize Player menu directly from the Publish window. In the Publish window, click the player’s name next to the Player option.

    When the settings are applied and saved, you’ll be taken back to the Publish window. Check the rest of the settings and click Publish to start the publishing process.

How to publish a course without navigation controls and player panels

  1. On the iSpring Suite tab, click Player.

  2. In the Customize Player window, click Templates.

  3. On the Templates sidebar, click Content Only. In the right part of the window you will see a preview of your presentation with the selected template applied.

  4. Click Apply & Close.

Now your presentation is ready to be published. This way, you can create minimalistic presentations with hyperlink navigations manually created in PowerPoint.

If you still have any questions, please ask them in our Community Forum.

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