How to install iSpring on a number of computers

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Applicable to: version 7.0 and later

iSpring authoring tools can be easily deployed over a corporate network in a flash! A network administrator can run an installation script that will install and activate iSpring on a number of computers over the network.


  • A purchased multiseat license for an iSpring program.
  • iSpring installation .msi package.
  • Windows System Center Configuration Manager or another network deployment tool.
  • Network administrator's assistance or IT experience.

Check out the post about software distribution (Gerry Hampson’s IT blog) to learn more about the .msi network installation procedure.

Information for a network admin

The iSpring installation package is provided as an .msi file. If you simply run this file, the Windows installer will install iSpring on the current computer and open an installation dialog. To perform a bulk installation on many computers, use the Windows installer tool via the MSIEXEC command line utility. It will install and activate copies of the iSpring program silently.


msiexec /i   Package Name    Parameters

Parameter Description
LICENSEKEY Your volume license key.
NAME Your name. May vary from one computer to another.
COMPANY The name of company that owns the license.


msiexec /i ispring_suite_x64_10_0_0.msi /qn LICENSEKEY="M8HSH-44RH2-R1368-876X9-2981C-2T41Q-VHAKG-SD34G-6BN6P-8XQW4" NAME="Jon Stewart" COMPANY="Comedy Central"

Concurrent license

If you have a concurrent license, you can only install and activate the license server manually. The clients, however, can also be installed via the command line.


msiexec /i ispring_suite_x64_10_0_0.msi /qn LICENSEKEY="M8HSH-44RH2-R1368-876X9-2981C-2T41Q-VHAKG-SD34G-6BN6P-8XQW4" COMPANY="Comedy Central" HOST= PORT=9979

Additional info

Please check the parameters before running a command. An error message will not be shown if you entered an incorrect License Key or Company Name. In this case start the installation process again.

Registration details will be saved even if there is no Internet connection. However, activation won’t be complete without an active connection.

To uninstall a product, execute msiexec /x   Package Name   Parameters. Program removal procedure is not fully automatic and will require a user response on every computer to uninstall and deactivate the license.

Support Note

We at iSpring are always eager to help our users achieve their goals. Please understand that this topic refers to third-party systems configuration and not covered by our free support service.

If you need help with network installation, we will be happy to provide you with our consulting services for an additional fee. Contact us for more details.

If you still have any questions, please ask them in our Community Forum.

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