2 Ways to Upload a PowerPoint Presentation to iSpring Cloud

iSpring Cloud is a multi-purpose service that can convert and share PowerPoint presentations online, or work as a hosting platform for presentations created with your favorite iSpring desktop authoring tool (iSpring Suite, Pro, QuizMaker).

There are several benefits to have an authoring tool and a subscription to iSpring Cloud. Let’s check them out.

Presentation uploaded directly from PowerPoint via iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite is a PowerPoint add-in that can be accessed after you open your presentation in PowerPoint.

Uploading from within the iSpring Suite publishing window is very simple and straightforward. The only thing you really need is an account with the iSpring Cloud hosting service. When you publish your presentation, you can log into iSpring Cloud by clicking the Change button. Read our Official User Manual to learn the step-by-step procedure in detail.

iSpring Suite Publish window

If you check Upload source files, your original PowerPoint presentation will be uploaded to Cloud as well, giving you an opportunity to download and edit the original presentation. You can even edit the .ppt file from the Cloud with the MS PowerPoint iPad app.

Note: once your .ppt file is converted to Flash, it no longer can be edited. Keeping the source files removes this limitation.

When you click Publish, your PowerPoint presentation is converted on your computer with the player and compression settings you choose. After that, it will be uploaded to your iSpring Cloud.

iSpring Cloud will automatically assign an iSpring logo icon to any presentation uploaded with Suite:

PowerPoint to HTML5 (via Suite)

Note: I renamed the file by adding (via Suite) to make it clearer. You can choose any name you like for your content.

If you click to view this item, it will seem as if you are viewing it locally on your desktop computer, but it’s placed in the iSpring Cloud environment:

Chrome window PPT preview


  • Customize and brand your presentation player.

  • Control presentation playback behavior (automatic or manual).

  • Adjust compression.

  • Upload source files for future editing.


  • In addition to an iSpring Cloud subscription, you need to have a purchased license of an iSpring desktop tool.

Presentation uploaded from within the iSpring Cloud Web interface

When you’re logged in your Cloud account, just click the Upload button:


...and choose the presentation from your computer. The file will be uploaded and converted automatically to a Web format (HTML5/Flash) on the server side.

It will appear in the list with the PPT default icon.

PowerPoint to HTML5.pptx

Click to view this item, and it will appear as in the picture below:

Chrome window presentation preview

Note that iSpring Cloud has a different presentation player. iSpring’s desktop tools offer wide player customization options.


  • No iSpring Authoring tool has to be installed or purchased.

  • You can upload .ppt and .pptx files from PC or Mac because iSpring Cloud is accessed using a Web browser.

  • You can download source files for editing.


  • No ability to customize player (e.g. add a Pause button).

  • You can’t upload and share quizzes created with iSpring QuizMaker (a part of Suite).


Whether you are a PowerPoint guru or a regular content author, either of the above methods is great for sharing your PowerPoint presentations with a wide audience over the web on any device. However, iSpring desktop authoring tools offer a wide range of extra possibilities. You can enhance your presentation with rich media, synchronized audio and video voiceovers, customized player, compression and protection features, and much more. Also, you can turn a simple presentation into a full-fledged e-Learning course, complete with characters, interactions, and quizzes to check your learners’ progress.

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