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At any time, you can configure the general properties of your scenario by clicking the Properties button on the toolbar. 


Give your simulation a name. The title will be displayed in the top of your scenario slide. You can hide the title in the Player Settings.

Slide size

Select your scenario slide size from the list of three pre-defined values. The default slide size is widescreen: 16:10.

  • Default 4:3  - slide size 720x540
  • Default 16:9 - slide size 960x540
  • Default 16:10 – slide size 960x600

Of course you are not limited by the default values. You can enter any custom value in the fields under the Slide size menu. Be sure to meet the minimal and maximal width and height requirements, between 540 and 2560 pixels.

Allow restarting the simulation

Check this option to display the Restart button over your simulation slide when a simulation ends.

Enable simulation evaluation

Select this option to create a graded simulation. If you select this option, you can specify the number of points awarded to an examinee for each individual scene. The field for setting points is available in the Scene window under the Properties tab.

Passing score

Specify the lowest possible cut-off score in points that a student must earn to be considered proficient or certified. The maximum score is 100 points.

Display score on final slide

Choose between three display options:

  • Off - no scoring info will be added to the final slide.
  • User score - only user's score will be displayed on the final slide when the scenario ends.
  • User score and max score - both user score and total score will be displayed on the final slide when the scenario ends.