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You can publish your simulations directly to iSpring Cloud for public or private sharing and getting real-time statistics on the number of views. 

 To publish your simulation to iSpring Cloud:

  1. Click the Change button on the right of the Account field. You will see a window where you can enter your existing account details (Email and Password) or sign up for a free account.

  2. When you enter your account details, iSpring validates this data, and you will see your email address in the Account field.
  3. Click Select folder on the right of the Destination folder field and select the folder to upload your content. By default, your simulation will be uploaded to the general content list (Repository).
  4. Select the Use iSpring Play checkbox, if you want to access your presentation on iPhones, iPad and Android devices in the iSpring Play app.
  5. Check the box Upload source files if you would like to upload the source files of your simulation to iSpring Cloud.
  6. Click the Publish button.

iSpring TalkMaster will convert your simulation to HTML5 and Flash and then upload it to your iSpring Cloud account. This is a time consuming process and it may take a few minutes.

Once your content is successfully uploaded, you will see the simulation "Uploading complete". If the content uploading process fails, please refer to our Support Team. 

Every element of your content has to have a unique title. If you put in the title that has been already given to any other element of your content, iSpring asks you to either replace the existing element of your content or rename the newly-uploaded file.

Manual Upload

If you don’t have Internet connection or use Proxy server, you can upload the simulation to iSpring Cloud manually:
  1. Choose Manual Upload in the Account drop-down list.

  2. In the Local folder field you can specify a local folder or network you’d like to save the simulation to.
  3. Type in the path to the destination folder manually
    Click the Browse button on the right of the Local folder field, select the folder needed and click OK.
  4. To publish your simulation, click the Publish button.
  5. Once the simulation is published, the file with an *.ismpkg extension will appear in the folder you have specified. 

  6. Sign in to your iSpring Cloud account and upload this file using the Upload button on the Content page. 

Read also: Upload via iSpring Cloud Web interface.