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On the Settings page, click the Administrator Settings link. Let's have a look at the Main and Other settings. 

In this area, you can specify your local timezone, configure notifications and export data options. 


Table 1. Main and Other Settings


Include full user profile data in exported CSV and XML reportsAny report can be exported to CSV or XML. Select this checkbox to include full user profile data in the exported CSV and XML reports.
Show content versions in reportsEnable this option. if you want to see the content version in the report
Add "Terms and Conditions" on registration pageAdd terms of use, when a user accesses your content.
TimezoneChoose your local timezone from the drop-down menu.

This setting affects dates of all events in your portal and selection of report periods.

Force HTTPSSelect this checkbox to force browsers to switch to HTTPS, when users open your portal.

To apply your changes, click the Save button. You will see a notification that the settings have been changed.