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You can use various ways to find your content on the content page:

  • Sort by Title, Duration, Status and Completion Date

    To sort data, choose a corresponding value in the Sort by menu at the top of the page. A small black triangle next to each value title will show the sort order (ascending or descending). Clicking the same sort value again will toggle the sort order. Only completed courses can be sorted by the completion date.

    Admin can choose the default value (Title, Duration, Status) for the Sort by field in the User Portal Settings

  • Search by title, description, and tags

    To find your content by its title, description and tag, type it in the search field and wait until the system automatically updates the list of content.

    To clear a filter, click or delete all characters you typed in the text field.


  • Breadcrumbs

    Breadcrumbs is the line of folder names right in the top menu that lists the full path from the root folder to the current folder. So you can always see the folder you are currently browsing. To return to a higher folder level, just click the folder name in the breadcrumbs.