Welcome new iSpring 4.2 release

Our developers got quite inspired by nice and sunny spring this year. Check out what they've done to iSpring. It's full of new neat features and options. Welcome new iSpring 4.2!Now your presentation can easily become:
  • YouTube video enlivened -just pick out the right YouTube clip to broadcast at any slide of your presentation
  • Individually Preset - make your own custom preset or select from the offered ones not to bother with options settings every time you convert a new alike project

iSpring PRESENTER made slideshows get also:

  • Reduced in size - unmarking new options you can cancel animations and transition effects to reduce the output file size
  • Password protected - set the password and it'll be asked at every attempt to be viewed, even if your presentation is uploaded to a website or blog
  • Watermark secured - protect your slides copyrights with a watermark, customizing its transparency and position

Plus, it now supports oriental languages in the most popular player skins: Advanced Glossy, Advanced Matte and Crystal.

iSpring SDK users will be well surprised too as they get:

  • Flexible control over automatic presentation playback
  • Ability to specify presenter and company information for the presentation and individual slides via COM API
  • Complete presentation information via ActionScript API regardless the used skin
  • PowerPoint to Flash conversion core improvements

And this is just a snapshot of all the featured within iSpring 4.2 release. Make sure you download a new trial version and evaluate it all as testing is a lot more expressive than vapid words!

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