Week’s Talks on the Present and the Future of E-Learning

E-Learning is becoming more rich and complicated day after day. To stay updated on new eLearning trends and methods, authors have to browse through numerous web resources, magazines and books.

To make the life of eLearning professionals easier, there are plenty of reports on information technology published every year. The Educase Centre of Applied Research (ECAR) has recently published their “ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2012” report. In his blog post, David Hopkins gives a brief summary of the report.

Moving from the present to the future of eLearning, Craig Weiss lists hot eLearning trends for 2013. Among mentioned trends are HTML5 content, mLearning with tablets and digital textbooks. These 2013 trends can be actually used right now: iSpring Converter generates HTML5 content for iPads and iSpring Suite can produce 3D books.

While eLearning is definitely thriving, many people are concerned about the future of education. Dr. Justin Marquis of Onlineuniversities.com in his recent blog post declares that “the best place to begin a massive societal overhaul is education”. He also mentions the Don’t Forget Ed movement that is aiming to make education the key issue of the upcoming presidential election.

What do you think about the present and the future of education? Please share your thoughts!

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