Right-to-left languages support

Oriental languages are very specific since they are written right-to-left and their system of writing is completely different from European. Striving to satisfy our oriental clients' needs in conversion we dedicated our best professional resources to solve this problem. iSpring lead developers Aleksey Malov and Aleksey Vasenev have been working hard on solving this problem for more than 3 months. They had to deal with a number of problems unusual for Europeans:1. Very often several letters when written one after another may generate one symbol.2. One letter may look differently depending on where it stands: in the beginning, middle or end of the word.3. Combination of English and Arabic strings with different writing direction in one text causes additional problems.These and some other problems were resolved via dozens of experiment with Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew texts, reading tons of documentation and development of oriental languages support modules with more than 4 thousands lines of C++ code. And now we are 100% sure that iSpring support of oriental languages is the best on the market!iSpring Pro elaborates PowerPoint texts symbol-by-symbol handling all of the international particularities. Special fonts are embedded in the resulting Flash file so your oriental texts in converted Flash movie look identically as in your original PowerPoint presentation.We will be happy if you evaluate improved iSpring conversion. Just download our test presentation or simply view converted Flash movie.iSpring Pro is available for download, we appreciate any feedback from you.
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