Question pool with iSpring 5.6

iSpring QuizMaker 5.6, featured as a part of iSpring Presenter 5.6 and as a standalone solution, offers a new Question Pool feature, a great opportunity to give students a new set of questions every time they access the same quiz. The QuizMaker will randomly select the desired number of questions from the question pool that you have entered, so that the quiz will look completely new to your students.Here is how it works: you create a quiz with, say, 10 questions, and in quiz Settings --> Main you put Show a subset of, say, 3 random questions.question poolThis way the end user will only see three questions out of the ten that you have in the pool. Of course, the quiz will be graded based on a student's progress with these three questions only.Play around with the sample quiz on US Country Study below to see how it works. By pressing F5 or otherwise renewing this page, the set of questions in it will be different.
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