Case Study: How to utilize iSpring in business training


PwC Academy (Russia) is a business training company headquartered in Moscow, which holds business seminars and trainings and is qualified to confer international professional certificates. PwC Academy Russia is a part of the PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited global network. Take a look at the achievements at distance learning they won with the help of iSpring authoring tools and iSpring LMS.

PwC Academy Russia has been using iSpring Suite for 2 years. It helps the Academy experts create interactive level tests and courses for lectures from 2 learning programs: the CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) Diploma in Corporate Performance Management and the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Diploma in International Financial Statements.

What we loved about iSpring was its friendliness and ease of use. The interface for creating courses and quizzes is fully in Russian and integrated into PowerPoint, which makes the learning authoring process incredibly fast and the final outcome of an incredible quality.

The first project we completed using iSpring LMS was the automation of level tests on the above mentioned courses. It helped us not only analyze the learning results and monitor the process of homework completion online, but also optimize the tutors’ time costs.

We used to check the learners’ level of knowledge using paper-and-pencil tests. A tutor had to spend about 30 minutes checking each quiz. Now that along with classroom learning we have online quizzes, a tutor can simply log into the system and run a report on the learners’ results, which is several-fold time-saving.

After implementing the automated quiz system, we continued discovering iSpring capabilities and created several interactive lectures for our students. For the learners it opened up an opportunity to access the learning materials (including self-instructional ones) anytime by simply signing into the learning system.

We are holding distance classes (7-13 days long) twice a year, in Autumn and Spring. Each time it is taken by about 850 people, in particular, this year during the months of May and June, 829 learners have completed the training.

The iSpring developers are continuously improving their products with new functionality, which opens the door for leveraging a learning management system. We also love the iSpring blog, rich in helpful solutions and detailed instructions on how to make the most out of online learning.

We highly appreciate the iSpring technical phone and email support their engineers provide us with. It helps us tackle current tasks and gain a grasp of even sophisticated capabilities right away.

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