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Using Timings to Sync PowerPoint Audio and Animations

The tiny option “Use Timings” on the “SLIDE SHOW” tab in PowerPoint makes a great change in a presentation playback. Sometimes toggling this option on or off is the way to resolve the problem when your presentation advances not as it is supposed to.

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How to track iSpring Tin Can API course statistics using Cloud

This tutorial will help you set up and test communication between an iSpring Tin Can API course and LRS hosted at Want to find out how to collect and track iSpring-based Tin Can course statistics? Follow 8 simple steps to see how can help you achieve that.

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Tin Can API Statements in iSpring courses

Statements are the core of the Tin Can API (Experience API). All learning events are stored as statements. In reality, a set of statements is used to track complete details about learning experience. Learn more about what statements are used by iSpring to track learner experience throughout the e-Learning course.

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