Minor upgrade is free of charge

We are proud of iSpring Pro, it's our soul, our life and the product of big efforts, hard work and creative process. Even though it is real good in PowerPoint to Flash conversion, we know that constant development and improvement is what we should always be focused on. This is the reason why we release minor versions of the product and give our clients minor upgrades.iSpring Upgrade terms
Minor upgrade is a minor version of a product where we add some new features or improve the functionality. Minor version has the number after point in version number, e.g. 2.2, 2.3Now Minor upgrades are absolutely free for our registered users! We value our clients and their investments in iSpring Pro. It's fair when your investment is working on you. The investment made in iSpring Pro works on you all the time: new features are developed and you get it all free of charge. We are happy giving you these benefits, so that every time you use iSpring Pro you can see it's always Easy, Fast and High Quality!Read more about iSpring Pro Upgrade Policy here
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