Meet new spring with your new iSpring 4.1!

We are celebrating spring 2009 with new iSpring products! Let me gladly announce a release of iSpring 4.1. All the items are available for free 30 day trial downloads.

We are back to the traditional product naming:

iSpring Converter --> iSpring Free

iSpring Presenter Pro --> iSpring Pro

iSpring Presenter Master --> iSpring Presenter

Along with traditional quality they also gained new features that arm you with the power to make your presentation:

  • Stylish and handy with a new Advanced Glossy player template
  • Self Identifying with multiple presenters' companies logos insert opportunity
  • Expressive with new text styles available for your slide notices
  • Lively with support of the PowerPoint "Auto-reverse" and "Rewind when done playing" animation effects
  • Interactive with PowerPoint Custom Slideshow support
  • Bright and fun with animated GIFs color effects
  • Responsive with an opportunity to stop already playing slide transition sound

More good news for iSpring Presenter users. They now have options to enable interaction with JavaScript, integrate ActionScript3 connector and provide complete presentation information via ActionScript API, even if the player doesn't require that.

As always we provide minor upgrades for absolutely free and major ones with considerable discounts. So please, check out our upgrade page to learn what pricing you are eligible for now.

Bring a breath of fresh spring air into your presentation with new iSpring!

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