iSpring 5.5 – Impressive List of New Features

Energy of Innovations

iSpring 5.5 release has been announced, which means that the most recent innovations in Flash and eLearning authoring in PowerPoint are now at your service. Let me briefly describe what exactly has been included into the newest version of iSpring products:
  • Resuming presentation playback from the last slide viewed
  • Rearranging the order of references and attachments
  • Improved publishing to FTP
  • Smoother playback of 3D transition effect in trigger animations
The ultimate eLearning package iSpring Presenter 5.5 also features:
  • Transition to a Full screen mode by a keyboard combination
  • Full support of BlackBoard LMS
iSpring QuizMaker 5.5 got the following updates:
  • Publishing to iSpring Online CMS
  • Full support of SCORM and AICC formats
  • Adjustable compression levels, file destination, and other properties in the Publish window
  • Quick Start window with resources like recently opened quiz, online help or tech support
  • Improved player look and feel
Learn more about latest implementations for each product at What's New sections of product pages iSpring Pro 5.5, iSpring Presenter 5.5, iSpring QuizMaker 5.5 and iSpring SDK 5.5 accordingly.As always, registered iSpring license holders are eligible for great discounts. Check out your upgrade options in the iSpring Upgrade Center. Users of the version 5.0 get a free upgrade to the version 5.5.
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