iSpring Suite 8.1 vs. Articulate Studio ’13 vs. Adobe Presenter 11

We have prepared a rather detailed comparison of iSpring Suite 8.1 with other popular PowerPoint-based tools for e-Learning authoring, Articulate Studio ’13 and Adobe Presenter 11.

This chart draws up an overall comparison of the key features needed for e-Learning.

Articulate Studio ’13 vs Adobe Presenter 11 vs iSpring Suite 8.1
CharacteristicsiSpring Suite 8Articulate Studio ’13Adobe Presenter 11
Publishing to Flash   
Publishing to HTML5   
iPad App   
iPhone App   
Android App   
Mobile Device Adaptation   
Recording Audio Narrations   
Recording Video Narrations   
Synchronizing Audio Narrations   
Synchronizing Video Narrations   
Screen Recording   
Audio Editor   
Video Editor   
External Objects   
Navigation Control   
Customizable Player   
LMS Support   
Section 508   
International content support   
Publishing to Video and upload to YouTube   
Own LMS Integration   
Integration with Cloud Sharing Service   


Adobe Presenter 11

  • Low price
  • Video tutorial recording and simple editing
  • Mobile device adaptation by creating different versions of the content
  • A collaboration feature
  • Tests are created from presentation slides and can be accidentally damaged
  • Poor PowerPoint support (of effects, animations and other features)
  • When publishing to HTML5, text and images are converted to images
  • There’s no opportunity to view content on mobile devices when offline


The cheapest software of all presented. Not all PowerPoint effects are supported.
The tool converts content to both Flash and HTML5 formats, but the majority of the components are only displayed in Flash.
There’s a special mobile app for viewing HTML5 courses on iPads, but it doesn’t provide users
with the opportunity to save content for viewing later in offline mode.

Articulate Studio ’13

  • A lot of eye-catching interactions
  • Advanced quiz authoring
  • Convenient annotation tool
  • Quick content translation
  • Unstable work
  • Poor PowerPoint support (of effects, animations and other features)
  • Content isn’t adapted to mobile devices
  • High price


The most expensive of all the analyzed tools. Contains a well-balanced WYSIWYG quiz maker.
However, despite being a PowerPoint-based tool, poorly supports PowerPoint effects, some
of which get lost after publishing. HTML5 content doesn’t adapt to mobile devices.
Sometimes demonstrates unstable performance. Overall, the above-mentioned disadvantages make the price unreasonably high.

iSpring Suite 8.1

  • The best PPT to Flash and HTML5 technology
  • The best support of PowerPoint effects
  • Device adaptation both for player and for content
  • Fair price
  • Broad LMS support
  • Advanced reporting for courses and quizzes
  • Powerful synchronization facilities
  • Publishing to video
  • Few interactions
  • No annotation tool


Great value for the money. Provides the best quality of conversion. Perfectly preserves virtually all
PowerPoint effects after conversion to Flash or HTML5. The only tool with an adaptive player that
allows you to view courses on any device ranging from desktop to smartphone. Though it yields
to competitors in some aspects, it runs like clockwork and provides the highest reliability
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Each of these tools provides a unique value to content authors who require a particular feature set.
Articulate Studio offers a rich feature set with a lot of capabilities for creating and manipulating
content, but may seem confusing to some users. (The price tag is also a bit steep.)
Adobe Presenter offers a balanced set of features at a reasonable price. Both of these products,
however, are somewhat limited in their conversion quality and content sharing methods.
iSpring Suite comes with best-in-class conversion quality and a wide range of sharing options
at a fair price, and thus seems to be the best choice for content authors who want to share
high-quality courses and presentations on any device with a low learning curve.

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