iSpring Now Supports BlackBoard

Along with many other SCORM-compatible Learning Management Systems, BlackBoard is now supported by iSpring Presenter and iSpring QuizMaker. This means that all the settings advantages inherent in BlackBoard can now be applied to iSpring-created quizzes and courses.Released in late June 2010, iSpring Presenter 5.5 provides the fullest support of BlackBoard Learn, one of the most popular teaching and learning platforms. BlackBoard users are offered to download iSpring Building block, a tool for tighter integration between a new course and the LMS. Once installed into Blackboard, the Building block allows fine-tuning courses by selecting the weight of each course and even the items it contains, like quizzes and tests, assigning validity, score and many more. Check out the article Publish to BlackBoard for a complete instruction on how to:1. Install the iSpring building block for BlackBoard 2. Publish you content for BlackBoard using the iSpring product. 3. Import your content to BlackBoard. Quizzes created with iSpring QuizMaker can easily be uploaded to BlackBoard and tracked from within the system.Flexibility to manage course setting even after a course has been uploaded to BlackBoard is the strongest point iSpring Building block brings into delivering courses. Together, iSpring Presenter and BlackBoard platform can lead you to pure eLearning success.
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