iSpring 5.6: Minor Release, Major Improvements

iSpring features a new minor 5.6 product release, and it is actually only the name of the version that is “minor” as the new release brings in some major improvements! Check them out.

1. Better conversion technology

iSpring AccuPoint™ conversion technology used in iSpring Pro/iSpring Presenter/iSpring SDK has turned into an even more powerful one. Along with a great support of PowerPoint 2010 it already provided, it now allows to use mouse over actions, to start audio on a mouse-click and to take advantage of new PPT 2010 audio and video editing features, like trim audio and trim/crop video.

2. More flexible Advanced player template

Advanced player template, available in Glossy and Matte editions, is probably the most popular one among the iSpring users. It will easily get even more fans with the new features offered:

  1. The player side panel can be positioned on either side of the player, left or right.
  2. Presenter video can play in three different modes:
  • small window up in a left top corner
  • medium window taking half of the player, with the slides taking the other half
  • large window taking most of the player screen and moving the side panel to the right.

Check out a sample video:

This is the presentation itself:

3. More accurate course grading

iSpring Presenter 5.6 makes course grading a lot more accurate and fair to students. A course developer can select if a number of slides viewed or quiz results are rated, or both. Different point value can be given for viewing slides and for each quiz within a course.

4. Question pool in iSpring QuizMaker

The new iSpring QuizMaker 5.6 can show only a subset of randomly picked questions out of the quiz you create. As a result, the same quiz can give different questions every time it is opened, and your students will never be bored.

5. Quiz authorization made optional

Quiz takers don’t have to enter their name and email address before taking a quiz anymore, yet you can still collect their ID info from the quiz URL, if necessary. Now that authorization is not required, you can create and carry out surveys, having switched off results or feedback display.

6. Nicer looking quiz output

iSpring QuizMaker 5.6 introduces a new reserved gray color scheme for the quiz player and brings back the legacy skin many of the iSpring users missed so much with the previous product version.

iSpring developers are already working on more and more new features for the next builds and product releases. Speaking of which, hunting for the latest updates has been made much easier now. Automatic version updater will open up a dialog to display a new build of the product whenever it is available.

We’ve got a lot more enhancements and new cool stuff to come in iSpring 6.0 that will be out in the spring 2011. Stay tuned!

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