How to change FlashSpring Player labels?

Some of our users ask us to make a local player version with German, Spanish, French, Italian labels for Outline, Thumbnails, Presenter, Notes, Slide instead of the English ones. As we always take into consideration our customers' wishes, we've made it possible for everyone to change player text labels.First close PowerPoint if it is open. Then open the folder where FlashSpring is installed, on default it is C:\Program Files\Flashspring Pro 2\. Then find file player.xml in folder players\default\, this file contains some of the player settings. Make a backup copy of the file. Open player.xml with any text editor, e.g. Notepad. Find the following part (it's near the end): <labels> <label id="outline" fontId="regularFont">Outline</label> <label id="thumbnails" fontId="regularFont">Thumbnails</label> <label id="presenter" fontId="regularFont">Presenter</label> <label id="notes" fontId="regularFont">Notes</label> <labelTemplate id="slide" fontId="regularFont" additionalCharset="1234567890">Slide: {SLIDE} / {TOTAL}</labelTemplate> <labelTemplate id="time" fontId="boldFont" additionalCharset="1234567890:">{TIME} / {TOTAL}</labelTemplate> </labels> Change the highlighted text. Launch FlashSpring and convert a presentation with Player. If you do everything correctly, you will see the phrases of your own in player.
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