How iSpring’s Presentations for iPads Can Boost Your Business

At iSpring, we keep working on new solutions that help our clients develop their businesses and save time. One of the latest innovations – iSpring Mobile Player app for the iPad – immediately received plenty of positive feedback, which we are happy to publish in this blog post:Fiona International Logo «Hi, my name is Sanjeev Khindaria and I am a digital marketing consultant working in the Greater Toronto Area.One of my clients sells capital equipment worth hundreds of thousands of Dollars. The selling cycle is typically 1-year, involving multiple meetings, decision makers and influencers. While making sales calls, their Sales Managers bump into various decision makers on elevators, in hallways, etc. These decision makers are hard to contact and get an audience with, do not respond to phone calls or emails, but have great influence over the final decision.The company wanted to showcase their product’s unique features / results to these key decision makers in those 30-second opportunities on elevators, hallways, etc. showing PowerPoint Presentations on iPad, offline, from a pool of tens of existing PPTs.Their PPTs have a lot of videos (WMVs, AVIs, aGIFs), custom animation and slide transitions.After having tested a plethora of solutions to view PPTs on iPad offline for months and none of them supporting all three – videos, custom animations and slide transitions – I was referred to iSpring Pro 7 by an overseas associate working on this project with me but still I was unable to vide the PPT offline.Communicating with a very responsive iSpring Support Team, I found they are releasing iSpring app that will allow me to view PPTs on iPad offline. Having waited few more weeks for its launch, I am pleased to say that iSpring app for iPad works like a charm. It delivered results beyond what I had expected. My client is very happy and is finally implementing this solution as part of their sales strategy.This app delivers excellent results. At the time of writing this, there is no other solution I am aware of that allows viewing PPTs on iPad, as seamlessly implemented as this app.And the best part is the team behind the app – very responsive, very supportive»Did you have the chance to use iSpring's Mobile Player? What do you think about it?
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