FlashSpring Ultra 2.1 is available for beta testing

Hi there!We are about to release FlashSpring Ultra 2.1. FlashSpring Ultra is a new product of FlashSpring product line. It is mainly oriented on Flash media content developers who need to integrate Flash presentations into their environment such as LMS.Flash presentations created with FlashSpring Ultra 2.1 provide an ActionScript API allowing presentation control in Flash/HTML environment.
  • External control of Flash presentation playback via ActionScript. This feature is useful when you plan to integrate flash presentations into your Flash-based system and provide alternative control of presentation playback.
  • Receiving notifications about events during playback of Flash presentation. This feature allows your system to receive notifications when user switches to another slide, when user pauses or starts playback of the presentation.
  • Retrieving information about presentation such as slide outlines, notes text, slide duration, etc.
  • Custom skin development facilities. Open architecture of FlashSpring allows development of custom skins for player that can be used on equal terms with standard set of skins. This feature allows you to enrich your presentations with unique design and get full control over presentation playback.
We invite you to participate in FlashSpring Ultra 2.1 beta testing!Download FlashSpring Ultra 2.1 beta version, evaluate it, and give us your feedback! You comments, questions and suggestions are of great value for us!
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