FlashSpring Server 2.3 has been released!

We have just released new FlashSpring Server 2.3 that was significantly improved with new features of the latest Pro and Ultra versions. You may download it on FlashSpring Download page. So, what are new features of FlashSpring Server?

This new version includes all PowerPoint to Flash conversion facilities available in FlashSpring Pro and Ultra 2.3 including

  • Full support of right-to-left languages including Hebrew, Farsi and Arabic
  • Synchronization of sounds and animations
  • Looped video support
  • Conversion of large (300+ Mb) presentations
  • Vector representation of tables and grouped shapes.
  • Support of animated GIF images. 
  • Improved processing of hyperlinks on Master slides

FlashSpring Server PowerPoint to Flash conversion SDK functionality was also extended with methods and interfaces allowing

  • Flash movie optimization for a given screen resolution. This option optimizes images within Flash presentation to be viewed with the best quality in a given resolution.
  • Setting target window name for external hyperlinks opening. Previous versions of FlashSpring Server allowed opening of hyperlinks in the same window only. FlashSpring Server 2.3 allows specifying target window name for external hyperlinks opening.
  • Presentation export in different modes. 3 additional methods were added to the existing universal GenerateFlash() method.
    • GenerateSolidPresentation() method for conversion of the PowerPoint presentation into One Solid Flash file containing all resources within. This conversion method generates the most compact presentatio. However due to Flash format limitations (one Flash file can’t contain more than 65000 objects) some big presentations cannot be converted in this mode.
    • GenerateCompoundPresentation() method for conversion each slide of the presentation into separate flash file with player that controls their playback.
    • GenerateStandaloneSlides() method for conversion of each presentation slide into standalone file. No player is generated in this mode

ActionScript API of generated Flash presentations was also extended with methods providing animation step based navigation. To simplify loading of generated Flash presentations the CPresentationLoader class was added to FalshSpring SDK.

Samples for FlashSpring Server integration in Java-based environment.

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