FlashSpring Server 2.1 is available for beta testing

We are about to release FlashSpring Server 2.1. We invite you to participate in its beta testing. You can download FlashSpring Server 2.1 beta version for free, evaluate it, and we will highly appreciate your feedback.

FlashSpring Server 2.1 brings you the following unique features:

  • Mouse driven animations support. COM API was enhanced with an ability to choose an action to be performed on mouse clicks:
    • Ignore click
    • Move to next animation step
    • Move to next slide
  • Program slide navigation by animation steps via ActionScript. ActionScript API was enhanced with program slide navigation by animation steps
  • Improved processing of master slides. Objects, animations, embedded Flash objects and videos on master slides are processed as if they were on main slide area
  • Support of looped presentation sounds. Sounds that repeatedly play on PowerPoint presentation will play the same way on generated Flash movies
  • Searching for presentation external resources within presentation folder. Some multimedia content such as MP3 audio files and videos are not stored within PowerPoint presentation but only referenced. When users upload their presentations and multimedia content to web server, the references to multimedia files within presentation may become invalid because of differences between server and user file system structures.
    FlashSpring Server 2.1 searches for multimedia files not only in their initial locations but within presentation folder as well. So if you give your clients an ability to upload multimedia files along with PowerPoint presentation, and put all these files into the same folder, FlashSpring Server 2.1 will be able to process multimedia content of your presentation with no problem
  • WMA audio files support
  • Improved support of .WAV files
  • Improved positioning of grouped shapes
  • Improved processing of raster images

We always welcome all the suggestions and requests of our clients, so don’t hesitate to write to us if you have any notices and questions regarding FlashSpring Server product. Be free to ask your questions through our online feedback form, via e-mail, and share them on FlashSpring Community Forum.

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