FlashSpring Pro 2.0 is coming next week!

Developing FlashSpring Pro we constantly provide our customers with new features and every new version offers enhanced facilities for PowerPoint to Flash conversion.FlashSpring Pro 2.0 is the upgraded version from FlashSpring product line. Improved functionality includes the ability to make your presentations more visually enticing, enhancing them with multimedia and interactive elements. FlashSpring Pro 2.0 presents a powerful and flexible tool for making accurate top-quality conversion while remaining easy and fast.

New features in FlashSpring Pro 2.0

PowerPoint 2003 animation effects
FlashSpring Pro 2.0 supports 180+ animation effects of up-to-date PowerPoint versions. Make your presentations more animated and fascinating combining various effects and directions.

Slide transition effects
Tasteful animations and slide transition effects are almost default elements of PowerPoint presentations. FlashSpring Pro 2.0 implements full support of slide transitions of PowerPoint 2002 and 2003 that gives you the ability to make your presentations more visually interesting for viewers.

Vector representation of PowerPoint objects
FlashSpring Pro 2.0 is specially optimized for using with PowerPoint 2002 and 2003 as it supports vector representation of standard PowerPoint shapes. Thanks to this technology FlashSpring provides perfect quality of such shapes and produces extremely compact Flash movies.

Embedded video clips
FlashSpring Pro 2.0 highly preserves embedded video in Flash version of the original ppt file. Video to Flash conversion can be a difficult and time-consuming process but FlashSpring Pro makes this task a snap. Add full-motion video to the premade presentation to make greater impression on your target audience.

Smart flexible Player with customizable design
FlashSpring Pro 2.0 provides you with the ability to wrap your presentation into the attractive player with thumbnail view, outline view, slide notes and presenter info to create the complete slide show. Customize the player to your liking to make presentation more effective and compelling.

Presenter information
Create live relations with your audience and let people know about you. Integrate a flash movie clip with presenter photo, personal information and contact to let your viewers be confident of your success.

Sounds for animation effects & slide transitions
Enhance your presentation with sound for specified animation and transition effects. This is one more way to make your presentation advanced and comprehensible.

Publish as a solid Flash movie clip with Player
With one click FlashSpring 2.0 converts your PowerPoint presentation into a solid Flash movie clip. According to your needs you can easily wrap it with customizable Flash based Player. Use your skills on creating presentation with PowerPoint and then convert it easily into regnant Flash format.

Picture-style bullets
Many of PowerPoint users include picture-style bullets to their presentations to arrange information on a slide. FlashSpring Pro 2.0 is updated with a new feature for retaining the original data structure.

Find out more about the history of the product development on FlashSpring web site.
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