FlashSpring 3.0 works fine in PowerPoint 2007

FlashSpring 3.0 works fine with PowerPoint 2007 and its new .PPTX and .PPSX file formats. Being integrated into PowerPoint toolbar it allows to create and share high quality Flash presentations fast and easy.FlashSpring Pro 3.0 with PowerPoint 2007 support is now available for free download on FlashSpring download page.Along with all the features you love it for: fast and perfectly correct conversion of PowerPoint presentations to Flash including audio, video and animations FlashSpring is advanced with the following facilities:
  • New smart customizable Player with enhanced library of skins. It allows to configure visual options enabling/disabling/docking slide navigation bar, thumbnails, notes and presenter info panels. New live preview allows to see and tune your presentation within Player before starting of conversion.
  • Right-to-left languages support is enhanced with full support of Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and Farsi languages.
  • Quality of Flash representation for AutoShapes, tables, 3D and WordArt objects is significantly improved. Now most of this content is converted to compact and high quality Flash vectors.
  • WordArt objects within an ordinary text are kept in their original format now.
  • Advanced 3D objects of PowerPoint 2007 are mostly supported.
  • Processing of PowerPoint 2007 tables is improved, all the new table styles are represented correctly.
Along with a great number of new features and enhancements we still have a number of tasks to make FlashSpring perfect. Currently the product development is focused on support of 3D objects with shadow effects, vector representation of PowerPoint 2007 table backgrounds. These features are planned for version 3.1.
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