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Flash output is a presentation that you get after PowerPoint to Flash conversion. The quality of the generated .SWF depends on many factors, including the structure of the output. iSpring Pro gives you three options of Flash output that you may choose from depending on the complexity of your original PowerPoint presentation and final purpose of use.Your presentation may be packed in Solid Flash movie, set of Separate Flash files or Standalone Flash Slides.Solid Flash movieiSpring Pro creates a solid Flash movie with all of the slides and external resources included in a single file. This is a unique feature of iSpring Pro since you don’t need many files to handle your presentation, you get all in one! This type of Flash output is the most convenient for small and medium size files. This file will upload faster and have a smaller size. In 80% cases “Solid Flash movie” is the best choice. Just check the box next to “All in one Flash file” in “Publish” --> ”General”. With iSpring Pro you may also embed Flash based Player to get additional navigation capabilities.
Solid Flash file mode
If your original presentation contains many grouped objects and the file size is big, it is better to choose “Separate Flash files” way of output since any Flash file can have no more than 65536 objects. You may read more about this Flash format limitation at Adobe web knowledge base.Separate Flash filesiSpring Pro saves each slide of your PowerPoint presentation into separate .SWF. Such set of Flash movies is integrated with a Flash based Player. To choose “Separate Flash files” mode, please, uncheck the box next to “All in one Flash file”.
Separate Flash Slide mode
Standalone Flash SlidesiSpring Pro saves each slide of your PowerPoint presentation into separate Flash movies like the “Separate Flash files” mode does with one difference: there is no Player involved. This way of Flash output is better to use in special cases when you are planning to integrate your generated .SWF in your system. In order to choose “Standalone Flash Slides” all you need to do is check the box next to “Standalone Flash Slides” in “Publish” --> ”General”. The window shown below is automatically opened after the conversion process in “Standalone Flash Slides” is finished.Standalone Flash slide modeRead more about Output Customization on iSpring web site.
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