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2014 in Review (and 2015 in anticipation…)

It takes decades for some traditions to become a fixture. We’re taking tiny steps on the way to creating a new tradition: to sum up what we have accomplished in the concluding year, and to turn one’s regard to the future.

As New Year’s Eve 2015 approaches, it’s time to take a moment to reflect on the events and accomplishments of the past year, and to formulate some resolutions for the year to come. Here at iSpring, we have plenty in both categories; so, we’re happy to share with you what we’ve done in the past year.


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Happy Holidays from iSpring!

This is it: the big day! Time to gather around under the tree, the first rays of the sun piercing the misty, crispy dawn sky, children’s eyes round as saucers and gleaming with delight. No need to think about the brown, piny, needle-shedding hulk you have to drag out onto the street later: now is the magic moment! Put away the cameras, phones, and tablets — these memories are for human eyes, not the cold digital sensor of a plastic box in front of your face. Today, hands are for hugging, opening presents, playing music, and stuffing yourself with goodies. (Or for rubbing together in anticipation of any of the preceding.)


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Have a great Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a great holiday to recall all the good things that happened to you this year and that you are thankful for.


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DevLearn 2014: an odyssey to the Learning Universe

The cosmos has always inspired people. Infinite space, constellations and nebulas, millions of galaxies… However, in the end of October all eyes were captivated by just one thing – the new Learning Universe. Hundreds of people were thrilled to explore it at DevLearn 2014.


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mLearnCon 2014: Fun, Sun and mLearning!

The iSpring Solutions team is always excited to attend the annual Mobile Learning Conference & Expo, and this year was no exception. mLearnCon 2014 was held in San Diego, California this past June. For those not familiar with the conference, mLearnCon focuses on helping individuals make sense of the wide array of emerging mobile technologies, as well as understanding proven strategies for integrating mobile into your training and development mix and learning best practices for designing, developing, and delivering successful mobile learning and performance support. Whether you are working in a corporate, academic, or government setting—whether you’re focused on setting the strategy or leading the development effort—whether you’re new to mLearning or have been at it for some time—attendees of mLearnCon find the ideas, information, and connections they need to succeed in an ever developing industry.


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Each year, the ASTD International Conference & Expo is an event not to be missed by those in the learning, and training & development industry. ASTD ICE 2014 was no exception. Each aspect of the industry is covered for every level of practitioner. At ASTD 2014, more than 9,000 learning colleagues from around the globe met in Washington, D.C. to share best practices and insights. Attendees learned from world-renowned thought leaders, and industry luminaries on current and future trends, and found out how to apply them on the job to get results. ASTD 2014 provided the tools and resources necessary to move you and your organization forward, and iSpring was honored not only to be in attendance, but to also be able to partner with our awesome clients, A.D.A.M., a business unit of Ebix for a workshop on the topic “Bleeding edge no more! Time to begin training in HTML5.”


This year’s conference went very well; the organization of the event earned our A+ as usual. We had a lot of fun and at the same time were able to network, meet new people, and talk to our existing clients.

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iSpring Team: SABA Global Summit 2014 Wrap Up

Earlier this month, the iSpring team thoroughly enjoyed three days in the beautiful Orlando, FL for the Saba Global Summit “At Work 2014.”  Roughly 800 customer attendees and 30 partners from all over the world participated in stimulating sessions about the impact of SABA’s LMS. Sessions also discussed partner solutions on learning and training in the workforce.

iSpring was a content gold sponsor at this event. We had a great time exhibiting our learning solutions authoring tools at our booth, which was headed by our very own Clay Moore, iSpring Director of Sales, as well as, iSpring’s Sale Manager, Elena Golovina. Meeting our current customers in person and getting to introduce new customers to iSpring’s offerings is always such a wonderful experience, and one we are truly grateful for.

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ASTD 2014 ICE: A.D.A.M. and iSpring Presenting Mobile e-Learning Technology Solutions

17.04.14_ASTD_Exhibitor - Print

The iSpring team is excited to be heading to the 2014 ASTD International Conference and Expo! ASTD 2014 is being held in Washington D.C. this year from May 4th through May 7th.  This conference brings together over 9,000 of your learning colleagues from around the globe to share best practices and insights.  Each aspect of the training and development industry is covered for every level of practitioner, from CEO to specialist, from dean to student, and this year iSpring is honored to be a part of a co-session at this event!

In the co-session titled “Bleeding Edge No More! Time to Begin Training in HTML5” Principal Training Consultant for HiMark Solutions, Mark Simon and Michael Cerantola, Production Manager for A.D.A.M. will teach participants how to create mobile-compatible, interactive e-Learning programs with A.D.A.M. and iSpring Solutions. You will have the opportunity to build your own e-Learning training course complete with full-color animations, narration, and engaging content. Best practices and information documents about creating HTML5 learning programs will also be shared to optimize understanding and construction capabilities. We would love YOU to be a part of this exciting co-session at ASTD 2014!  Bleeding Edge No More! Time to Begin Training in HTML5 will be held from 3 – 4:15pm on Monday May 5th (Location: 150A).  Don’t forget to bring your laptop and creative ideas; this session should not be missed!

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Meet us in Orlando at Saba Global Summit 2014

Orlando Lake Lucerne

Looking for new ideas for your e-Learning? Need a fresh perspective?

Then care to attend Saba Global Summit in Orlando, FL! Learn the latest industry trends, network, share experience and keep up-to-date.

And… Meet us there! The iSpring team will be attending the summit that’ll take place next week (April 7th – 10th). This event is an exciting opportunity for talent management and learning professionals to learn the latest trends in collaboration and workforce transformation.

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iSpring Team at Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2014

On our way to Learning Solutions Conference & Expo we were filled with the desire to share the exciting news – recent release of iSpring Learn. Neither excellent weather outside nor countless amusemnets in Orlando, where the event took place this year, couldn’t distract us form this highly important mission.


iSpring Learn is the newly released impressive e-Learning solution designed by iSpring. It is a powerful combo of cloud-based LMS and robust authoring toolkit.

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