Case Study: University-Wide E-Learning Made Easy with iSpring

ian-millerMy name is Ian Miller. I am the e-Learning manager for the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Manchester. We started using iSpring in 2009 to compliment our other e-Learning tools that we offer to staff. We like the way first time users only need to know how to use PowerPoint and with a few extra clicks can transform their basic PowerPoint into a professional learning experience for the students.

Case 1

We have used iSpring in a major project to deliver interactive / narrated e-Learning courses, where iSpring was used embedded in Blackboard courses. These are compulsory Health and Safety courses delivered to all 35,000 students studying at the University of Manchester. The ability to update and change the course material quickly and republish has been key to its success.

Case 2

A couple of years ago we introduced iSpring as one of the approved e-Learning creation tools to help our final year students to create an e-Learning resource. This has resulted in excellent projects which have been redeployed into the other courses. In addition, we have had some outstanding iSpring e-Learning apps that have been created by some very talented students.


iSpring has provided us with a simple solution to create effective e-Learning materials by building on existing PowerPoint slides to create rich engaging content for our students.

We have also used iSpring support on a number of occasions and their response and guidance has been excellent. We have always had quick replies to our questions and they have often worked alongside us to solve the more complex issues.


I would recommend iSpring to anyone who wishes to enhance basic PowerPoint slides and bring them into the digital age.


Did this success story inspire you to take your e-Learning endeavor to the extreme? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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