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iSpring was recommended in the review of PowerPoint-based eLearning authoring tools
in Learning Solutions Magazine, September 2011.

iSpring eLearning authoring tool

Learning Solutions Magazine recently published a comparison of four PowerPoint-based eLearning authoring tools: Adobe Presenter, iSpring Presenter, Articulate Presenter and Snap. The comparison, entitled “Making Sense of PowerPoint Pandemonium”, is written by Mark Simon, a Senior Training Specialist at HiMark Solutions. Mr. Simon has over 20 years hands-on experience with design, development, and delivery of eLearning. He is a frequent speaker at major eLearning industry events, including eLearningGuild and ASTD conferences.

Arquimedes Paschoal

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In short, the review declares iSpring Presenter (now iSpring Suite) the most advanced tool in terms of stability, speed and technical capabilities:

“iSpring is the best engineered PPT-based eLearning development tool of the four reviewed here.”

Not being as well known in the eLearning world as the others, iSpring is delighted the author recommends it as a “must-have tool”:

Try it and you’ll wonder why it isn’t in your toolbox. Solid package, behaves well, and gives you just about everything you could dream of.”

From an engineering perspective, iSpring stands alone at the top of this group of eLearning development tools.”

The author thoroughly examined each competitor listing the pros and cons for choosing each. From the point of view of a professional eLearning designer, all four tools showed advantages. At the same time, the author singled out for praise a number of iSpring’s technical advantages not available in other products.

The installation file is an MSI (Microsoft Installer) file, which has much more functionality than an EXE file. It also has a 64-bit version of iSpring that you can install, something that none of the other tools have.”

iSpring is the only tool among the four evaluated here that does not utilize the Windows clipboard while publishing. The engineers at iSpring are working at a level that goes beyond the other three.”

“.. there are also no performance issues when working with features such as audio, quizzes, Flash insertions, and so on.”

The author also mentioned continuous product development and frequent new releases as a strong feature of iSpring. Moving from engineering to functionality, Mark Simon pointed out that:

“iSpring matches up very well with each feature found in the other three tools. For example, it can publish to either a single Flash file (like Lectora) or multiple Flash files (like Articulate and Adobe) and it can publish output that is compliant with SCORM or AICC.”

It is also worth mentioning that iSpring successfully reproduces almost all PowerPoint animations (189 out of 199, according to their Website) and even reproduces slide transitions.”

A disadvantage noted by Mark Simon was iSpring Support’s limited availability schedule. This feedback was very much appreciated and now the Support hours have been extended to 7:00 am – 7:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

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