Animate It! iSpring Pro 3.5 Release

PowerPoint has a really incredible choice of animations and effects to make your presentation remarkable and impressive. If there is a TOP 10 list of user's favorite PowerPoint effects, animations by letters and words will be in the lead. They are pretty indeed, and with iSpring Pro 3.5 they keep their amazing look even after conversion to Flash. Look how all this fanciful animations dance in iSpring created presentation:[flash /wp-content/uploads/2008/07/animations_by_letter.swf w=450 h=373]Download animations_by_letters.pptx (Download the simplified .ppt version)Repeated animations have been implemented in this release too. The trick is to set the exact number of strokes in animation's Timing menu. [flash /wp-content/uploads/2008/07/repeated_animations.swf w=450 h=486]Download jumping_ball.pptx (Download .ppt version)So, go ahead and create lively animated Flash movies with iSpring!iSpring 3.5 introduces new features of Advanced Player: timeline customization, tabs order changing, navigation by slides and by steps.Download iSpring Pro 3.5 here, and try! [9.0 Mb]P.S. Nayil, great job once again :) These animations are magic!
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5 comments on “Animate It! iSpring Pro 3.5 Release
  1. Harianto says:

    Dear iSpring developers,
    I have iSpring Pro 3.5, but I cannot find animation features to do those fancy text & bouncing ball with shadow. I’d like to create those kind of cool animations. Do you have tutorial site?
    I downloaded the above pptx file, how can I open it or at least run it?
    Thanks a lot, the software is cool!

  2. Thanks Harianto.
    The demos above were created in PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx is a PowerPoint 2007 presentation file). We’ve updated our post with the links to .ppt versions (can be viewed in PowerPoint 2002 and 2003).

    Please note that PowerPoint 2002/2003 doesn’t support advanced PowerPoint 2007 text styles so the 2003 version of the letter animation demo was slightly modified (vertically oriented text was replaced with the rotated one).

  3. Not too happy says:

    Nice, but none of the versions iSpring has produced so far support mouse-over actions nor they can handle triggers. Too bad since they are some of Powerpoint strongest INTERACTIVITY features.

    The quiz activities are very plain. Nothing original that can not be found in other software (tanida, wondershare, adobe presenter, etc.)But, since it is still in testing, improvements are expected in order to compite with the other guys.

  4. peteuline says:

    After one year from the last comment (#4, “Not to happy”) I’ve found iSpring very very good with a powerpoint slideshow, plenty of hyperlinks, but get disappointed because the triggers don’t work in the flash output. Why? They are “some of Powerpoint strongest interactivity features”, a I agree to #4 “Not too happy”.

  5. Dear peteuline,

    Trigger animations support is a quite complicated task. However we are working on them and will introduce them in the nearest months.

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