A perfect combo: iSpring and Informetica LMS


Content compatibility with different LMS’s is an ever-present question for those who works in e-Learning. Which LMS is better? Will it support all SCORM reporting options? We have already found answers to all these questions for you: Informetica LMS and iSpring is a perfect combination. iSpring-generated packages in SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 are perfectly supported by Informetica.

Informetica is a powerful LMS that provides everything you need to create an effective training experience for your entire learner population from a single web-based system.

With multiple levels of flexibility, the Informetica LMS ensures a smooth transition to the online learning experience, enabling all users to train wherever they are - in the office, at home, or on the road - at a pace that suits them best. Informetica will manage your learner registrations, training events and completion, as well as store supporting records for your users who must meet compliancy training with the least amount of effort.

Course creation, delivery and tracking just got easier with the proven compatibility of iSpring Authoring Tools and the Informetica Learning Management System. You won’t waste time establishing integration between content and an LMS due to this perfect combo. Instead you can spend your time polishing up your presentation.

We, at iSpring, are constantly performing tests on the most popular learning systems’ compatibility. Be sure that iSpring-generated content is perfectly integrated with all SCORM and AICC compatible LMS’s. If your LMS doesn't work with iSpring courses, please contact us and we will check it.

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