A new iSpring product is coming out

Today I have some news from iSpring developers. They are working on a completely new and very promising project. The draft name is iSpring Presenter. It will come as a solution for e-learning content authors and meet specific and high requirements of course creators.We've received loads of clients' wishes for an e-learning tool that will convert PowerPoint courses to Flash the same accurate way as iSpring Pro does, and allow to add some extra features also.iSpring Presenter will capture many of the characteristics suggested by Pro and Ultra clients. Here are some of them:- option to add interactive quizzes, - audio narration recording, - adding presenter video to a presentation, - presentation manager to create multi level navigation and sort lessons within a course, - multiple presenters feature to introduce several lecturers,We reserved time till December to release Spring Presenter while a beta version will be available earlier. iSpring team invites you to take part in beta-testing of Presenter. You can apply for it at .
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