Output Flash file options

Depending on the purpose of creating Flash, you can choose from a few alternatives for your output Flash file that iSpring has to offer, unless you want to be able to upload your presentations to LMSes.

The options we will talk about provide maximum flexibility in producing a Flash file that will meet your requirements.

  • All in one Flash file - This option will package your entire project with all of its external multimedia resources and the player that you choose – everything – into a single file, that is easy to email or embed into another project.
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If your presentation contains big video files, you might want to try unmarking this option and get a set of separate Flash files instead. You can still upload it to your website or blog, and to the viewer your presentation will look exactly the same. The trick is that your slides will trigger one another and play the entire project just as smoothly as a single file.

More details are provided under Why would I not want to use All in one Flash file output mode?

    • Generate HTML – Having this marked, you will get a ready-to-embed code to help you get your project up on a website or blog. Copy and paste it into your page .html code, and you are all set!
    • Generate EXE – If marked, iSpring will generate a file that can play your presentation on any PC even without Flash Player installed
    • Full screen playback – This feature will make your project ready for a full screen playback.
    • Standalone Flash slides – You don’t want to mess with this mode, unless you are a Flash programmer. If you select this option, you will have a set of standalone movies, created for each of your PowerPoint slide. No player will be added and as slides cannot advance on their own, no slide transitions will be preserved. Standalone Flash slides can be uploaded to Flash apps where they can be programmatically controlled via API, provided by iSpring Presenter and iSpring SDK only.
    • .ZIP output – If with all the bulky videos and other media files your presentation cannot be packaged into a single .swf, but you still want it to be a single file, not a set of ones, .ZIP output is your best choice. It will have all of the resources in it. Very convenient to send as it is much more compact.

All in one Flash File vs Set of Separate Slides

iSpring allows for the creation of a solid Flash movie with all presentation aspects, like animation and transition effects, and multimedia resources included in a single file that can be easily shared on the Internet or sent via email. Embed the Flash-based Player into a solid Flash movie with iSpring to give it additional navigation capabilities and a more professional look and feel. iSpring will preserve the player in your solid Flash movie too.
iSpring can save each slide of your PowerPoint presentation into a separate Flash movie. This mode provides better playback performance if you convert a presentation with a large amount of slides. Such a set of Flash movies can be integrated with a Flash based Player. Standalone slides mode is great if you plan to integrate your Flash files into a web page, blog or your own custom player. Each Standalone slide can work fine individually, with or without a player and/or other iSpring-added features.

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