How to add presentations from iSpring Cloud to Thinkific LMS

  1. 1 Make sure that you are an administrator and can manage content in Thinkific LMS.
  2. 2 Choose My Courses in the left-hand menu, and click on Create new course.
  3. 3 Enter a new course name.
  4. 4 In the new course window click on Add Chapter and enter a chapter name.
  5. 5 After that proceed to importing content items by clicking on Add Content.
  6. 6 Select Multimedia in the list of options.
  7. 7 Enter an URL to a presentation stored in your iSpring Cloud account.
  8. 8 Note that if you take a short link from iSpring Cloud, the presentation will be displayed with additional black fields.
    You can make presentations stick to the iframe borders in Thinkific by using a link of the iframe.
    For more information on how to get a short link in iSpring Cloud, please click on the link below:
    Share Content

How to add an MP4 file to Thinkific LMS

  1. 1 Follow the instructions above up to step 6, then select Video.
  2. 2 Click on Select a video from your Library, then choose a video from the drop-down list of previously added files or upload a new video from your computer.
    For more information on how to create MP4 presentations with iSpring, please click on the link below:
    Publishing to Video